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Are There City of Houston Websites to Show Their Green Plans or Their Growth Plans?

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Do you want know how the City of Houston will grow? Are you curious abut our efforts to keep the city looking beautiful or green? The city has some websites for you.

The following is a collection of three previous posts which I felt were useful for Houston homeowners, but maybe did not need to stand on their own. I am placing them together from their original formats, so homeowners would still have a link to these sites. I think that they are worth exploring.

Keeping Houston Beautiful

Since reporting on some other websites from the city of Houston, I thought that I should include one more. A website geared towards improving the quality of our life in the city by keeping it beautiful.

The site has information about recycling and green programs, with a means to find out about heavy trash or adopt an esplanade for improvement. There is also a link for teachers and kids to learn about cleaning up a city.

The reason for me to be posting about the site today has to do with the Mayor’s Proud Partners Award. They are still accepting recommendations for who the recipient should be. For communities who have been working towards this effort, it is good to be recognized, so if you know someone, let Houston know.

A Website Detailng Houston’s Growth Plans

Were they planning to have announcements in the same week? Is their IT department working over time of late? The going green site that I just posted about was good, and now Houston lays its plans bare.

Maybe because of Mayor White’s background is in business, he takes on a business like air to aspects concerning the running of the city. Every time I have been at one of his speeches, I am reminded of the meetings which I attended when I had a corporate life. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it is not always inspiring. I should relate that Mayor White has been my favorite leader of the city, since my life here began (I am not a native Houstonian, but how many people are?).

Growth plans are probably a familiar part of life to every manager, and you may not realize that government agencies run much like any business, so they have their own plans in place. In a move that I greatly appreciate, the city has decided to share this plan with its residents. By going to the website detailing the plan, you can see what the future holds for our libraries, parks, commutes, and more. Everything is open for you to see.

If you are a Houstonian, you should visit the site just simply to help the democratic process along. If you are aware of what is happening in our community, you can make informed decisions, and you may help change a course of action that may not be the best for your area. If you are not from our city, but you ended up on this blog, take a look at the link. Maybe your city has done this, or maybe you could encourage them to do so.

A Website for a Green Houston

Since last year, there has been talk of improving the city’s connection with alternative energy, and taking steps to make the city more environmentally friendly. Considering that Houston covers more surface area than most cities, it is hard to see how this could be quickly accomplished. Yet here we are. Houston has adopted the LEEDs standards for green building; commuter and light rail expansion is on the way; forty percent of the power to public buildings is said to come from wind power. Houston is also trying to attract alternative fuel industries to fit in with the energy firms that are already here.

Admittedly, I do not believe that Houston can claim a title like “greenest city in America”, although I have heard that phrase applied to this city recently. Speak to various environmental groups, and you will find that there is no consensus on what the term “green” means. This is probably why the FTC hopes to have rules in place next year. All of that aside, I am quite happy with my city’s efforts to encourage a green environment. With all things, you need to start walking before you get there, and Houston is trying to build up speed to arrive at its destination.

With these efforts, Houston has launched a new site to help the residents go green. The site is Green Houston, and I am impressed by it. There is a forthright effort to deal with many issues, and to show Houston’s response. I particularly liked the report section where you could read about the problems which the city faces along with the cities response (basically allowing both sides to have a voice). Otherwise, there are many helpful links to bring you to the information that you need to improve your green life.

I could simply say that these efforts are due to the current cost of fuel, or to the fact that organic and green are popular words among advertisers right now. However, the city has been making efforts for some time to improve this aspect of life. I can point to plans that appeared to be useless in improving situations that we faced, but then I have to give the officials credit for trying. If you have a chance follow the link above to check out the site for yourself. Let me know what you think.

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