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Unusual Marketing Tip #358: The Fragrant Landscape

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Yes, I am the oddball who uses a push mower and edger around my home.On the positive side, I do not need to worry about gas prices, nor am I hurting the environment. I leave the clippings were they fall to help my yard. On the negative side, I do not always create the nice manicured look of some of my fellow residents. I also do not get that newly cut grass smell that others manage.


As I was cutting my yard, a lady, who was walking her dog, passes by.We say hello to each other, but our conversations have not been much more. Today she stops to ask if I am selling my home. I turn to look at my house to see if she notices something that would indicate that I am preparing to sell it. I tell her no, and ask why she would think that. She says that the fragrance is lovely. The jasmine has not come into bloom yet, and the roses only give off a light scent, so I ask what is it that she smells. Lemon and mint she replies. She says that she has heard of Realtors using cinnamon and such to create wonderful aromas in a house, but this was the first time that she has known someone to do this on the exterior.


I chuckle, and explain to her that I have allowed the mint to spread into the lawn. There is also some lemon thyme patches in the lawn too. When my family sits on the front lawn, it gives off a nice scent, so that is why I allowed them to spread.


I offer this marketing tip to you:

fragrant lawns to sell a home.


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