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The Last Clean

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Here is a guest post for those who are moving house on a budget and want to save a bit of cash by doing the cleaning themselves, here’s what you need to know.

Moving home is no easy feat and that’s why many of us take the opportunity, when available, to outsource the labour to those in the know and manage risk through home and contents insurance.

Removalists are employed to take the hassle out of hiring a vehicle and lugging your home contents from A-to-B and cleaners are employed to give the old property that sparkle that every new owner or tenant deserves.

A lot of people will shell out for a removalist, which means that many will take on the cleaning by themselves. So, how do you get the same results as a professional? Here’s some tips to help you:

  1. Stock up on cleaning supplies and organise them appropriately – if you are one of those people who waste time by searching for ‘that cleaner’, make sure you purchase a bucket or caddy to store all the products you will need. As a bare minimum you will need an all-purpose cleaner, disinfectant, bathroom cleaner, floor cleaner, glass cleaner, furniture polish, air freshener and dusting rags.

  2. Before you can clean the property, you need to make sure that it is free from rubbish and clutter. This is one of the main reasons why professionals will get a better result than you, because you have tidied and straightened up the house even before they have arrived.

  3. Put some elbow grease into it and work efficiently by:

  • Spraying all surfaces with the appropriate cleaning product as you enter a new room and leave them to set in while you complete your other cleaning duties – this way, they will work to their best advantage.

  • Using both hands to scrub or one to scrub and the other to spray to speed the process up.

  • Cleaning every surface of an area before moving onto another section of the room.

  • Cleaning from top to bottom – this will ensure that you capture dirt and dust from high-reaching counters and other surfaces.

  • Leaving the mopping and vacuuming to last.

  1. Steam clean carpets – this is a must for any property with carpet as carpet can harbour health hazards as a result of mold, mildew and pets. The easiest solution is to employ the services of a professional carpet cleaner to steam clean your carpets – that way you can ensure that the next tenants or owners will not be exposed to such health hazards. Another alternative is to hire the steamer and do it yourself.

  2. Cleaning outdoor areas – you need to ensure that all of the outdoor areas are looking well maintained. As a bare minimum you need to mow the lawns, prune overgrown plants, hedges and shrubs, clean any outdoor furniture, fixtures and fittings and ensure that all hard services are clean and free from any dirt or debris.

It can take an amateur several hours to clean their home to the standard a professional would. For this reason, many professional cleaners work in teams so that they can speed up the process. So why not ask someone to help you – you can return the favour next time they move.

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One Response to “The Last Clean”

  1. Nice tips for movers! Cleaning is easier if it is organized. Plan correctly and perform cleaning with comfort. Thanks for sharing valuable tips!

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