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Protecting Your Home With Rolling Shutters

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Twenty years ago, a family friend returns from Germany with a business idea. He is going to import these storm shutters that will roll up into a box. We had never seen anything like it, and my grandparents decided to have them installed on their home. As I write this, a hurricane is hitting the Texas coast, and these shutter come to mind.

All those years ago you had your choice of colors, as long as you picked white; hinting at the fact that they were not the most attractive element of a window, but they did prevent burglars and hurricane damage. During Rita, I would have loved those shutters. Finding plywood was difficult enough, but then cutting it to fit the window, and fastening it was hard. The older shutters mainly worked with a cord which wore out over time, so you need a bit of skill to replace it.

I never saw these units catch on with the public here, but I knew that the shutters did what was promised. A few months ago I found that there are many manufacturers of these rolling shutters now offering their wares in the United States. The units have come along way from the first one which I became familiar with. Color and style variations now exist, and they do have a cleaner look when installed than the older models.

Here are some manufactures to look at: RollacCroci, Elero, and Simu-Hz.
All seem to be manufacturing the same basic good quality product. I did notice that Simu-Hz had a remote control device for their shutters, which does add a convenience. I do not believe any operate on the old cord technology, which is a benefit when it comes to durability, but I do have a concern about what may happen during a power outage. All of these manufacturers mention a manual override method. I think that you may want to see how this override works before purchasing a rolling shutter to see that you are comfortable getting out in an emergency.


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