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Improving the Look of Your Driveways and Sidewalks

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I have been examining a sample material for a new type of expansion joint meant for your slab concrete walking surfaces. Wood strips has been the material of choice for these joints, but after awhile it can begin to break down, which allows the weeds to grow in those spaces.

Concrete expands and contracts with the heat and cold weather. For this reason, you need the spaces to help the concrete last longer. These expansion joints are now placed into homes with stucco or brick veneers to ensure that those surfaces last longer. Since wood could take the compression during concrete’s expansion phase, and it was cheap, while lasting for pretty much most of the normal life expectancy of the slab, it made for the best material. A concrete slab drive is meant to last about fifty years, but most of us try to extend that life.

Enter the SlabGasket. It is a brilliantly, simple product that I wish I could have developed. The gasket is designed to easily slip into your joints, once they are clean. They are flexible, so they can follow pieces which have already shifted. I really do not think that you can make an expansion joint look beautiful, but this product does clean up the look of the surface, and the weeds will not grow in it.

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