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A New Blog to Explore the Relationship between Gardening and Cooking

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I love to garden, and I have had dreams of being a cook in my own place. For me the two ideas have long been intertwined, so creating a new site made sense.

You may notice that this blog is spinning off sites to better deal with topics. I took most of the posts that I would have placed under the “Art of Business” category into my site about creating small business websites. I had stopped including gardening posts on this site, because I felt that they wandered away from the main focus here, home inspections and dealing with  what is found in the home. Gardening ties into the home, particularly into the kitchen. Sharing recipes on a home inspection blog did not seem like the best idea when relating it to my main focus. With this in mind, I created a subdomain for this site that will allow me to explore that part of my life. It is devoted specifically to Houston gardening, but it will take a home inspector’s look at the garden and the kitchen along with the standard gardening advice.

    I want the site to explore more than the produce from my own garden. I want to explore the different farmer’s markets around town. Hopefully, I can convince a few cooks to contribute their recipes. Moreover, I want to go into kitchen  and garden design. I was a certified food service manager for some time, so I would like to stay on top of food safety. You will find that I will be mentioning my children a lot. I involve them in my gardening and cooking adventures, so I want to show how they help me.  

    The blog is just starting as I write this, so I need to develop articles for the site. Those are coming fairly quickly though. Actually, everything with the site is moving fast, and that is why I wanted to post a notice, to let people join me as my journey begins.

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