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This is a guest post by Dan H. who is the founder of a roofing jobs website dedicated to helping people with roofing problems and to helping roofers find their next job.

The past few years have been difficult for so many individuals, but these trying times have also provided for opportunities in the home buying market. It is true that many people fight to find jobs and struggle to meet the bare minimum required for everyday living, but with a down economy comes a drop in the cost of home buying.  Many have been able to get into their first home at prices they never dreamed possible.

I was lucky enough to recently be one of those people that found a home at unbelievable prices.   I tracked down a spectacular house that was listed for $75k dollars less than what it was worth a year ago.  It was a town-home in amazing condition with brand new appliances, stunning hardwood floor, and great carpet.  The paint had even recently been redone.

Even with the stunning look and feel of the site, I knew that everything couldn’t be this perfect.  To be safe, I decided to work with a home inspector before I finalized the purchase of the home.  It is always a good idea to protect yourself against major financial risks and home inspector can help you know what it is you’re actually paying for.

When the home inspector arrived at the home he took me through every inch of the home, explaining to me ways to save money while keeping the home in perfect condition.  He also felt that overall, everything in the home looked great.  The only item left to inspect was the attic and roof.

While the dwelling area of the home was perfect, the Home Inspector and I discovered that the roof and attic had some work to do.  When we climbed into the attic and looked closely at every inch we found some things that needed to be repaired.  Since I have experience with roofs and high places I climbed into the attic and learned a lot about identifying where home damage may be occurring.

The areas we looked at most were those with bay windows and areas that looked like water would gather.   What we discovered was a particular nail was dropping water into the drywall ceiling below.  Their was lack of sealant around the nail on the roof and water was sneaking into the home. A leaky roof can lead to a lot of headache and even thousands of dollars in damage and then repair costs.  We worked with a contractor to come out and patch up the roof to stop the leak.

The home has now been purchased, and thanks to my home inspector, is free from any water or leak damage.  

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