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30 Year Mortgage Rate Average in the Southwest Hovering Around 4.00%

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According to Freddie Mac’s most recent market survey, the national 30 year fixed mortgage rate average trended lower this
past week to 3.99% with 0.7 points. Regional data showed the average in the Southwestern United States slightly higher than the national rate coming in at 4.03%. The national average for 15 year rates was 3.30%
with 0.8 points and was 3.36% with 0.8 points in the Southwest region. The 5/1 average in the Southwest was 0.02% lower than the national average at 2.96% with 0.6 points.

Below is a snapshot of current rate and term refinance Texas mortgage interest rates taken from the mortgage rate research web site, ForTheBestRate.com (11:34 MST 11/15/2011). Please visit the site for the criteria used in the survey. Mortgage rates are subject to change without notice.

30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates
Aurora Bank: 4.000% Note Rate, 1 Pt, $757 Fees, 4.157% APR
Amerisave: 3.875% Note Rate, .663 Pts, $1995Fees, 4.011% APR
First Financial Svs: 3.875% Note Rate, 1 Pt, $0 Fees, 3.958% APR

20 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates
FFSI: 3.750% Note Rate, 1 Pts, $0 Fees, 3.865% APR
Quicken Loans: 3.990% Note Rate, 1 Pts, $1553 Fees, 4.197% APR
CloseYourOwnLoan.com: 3.750% Note Rate, .625 Pts, $1345 Fees, 3.899% APR

15 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates
Aurora Bank: 3.125% Note Rate, 1 Pt, $757 Fees, 3.430% APR
Amerisave: 3.125% Note Rate, .862 Pts, $1995 Fees, 3.397% APR
First Financial Svs: 3.250% Note Rate, 1 Pt, $0 Fees, 3.396% APR

Zillow Mortgage Marketplace indicated that today’s 30 year fixed rate mortgage average in the State of Texas was in the 3.85%-3.90% range.

About the Author:

Nat Criss works with ForTheBestRate.com, a resource for searching current mortgage rates in your area.

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