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3 steps to help you select the best real estate agent

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House buying and selling is both important and both of these activities need precision and pre-planning. If you’re selling off your house, you must have an agent. If you have a mortgage to pay back before selling off your house, you can go for mortgage modification and repay your mortgage. You must show proof to your lender that you’re facing hardship and ask for modified rates to help you repay your mortgage. Take a look at how you can select a real estate agent.

3 Steps to follow when choosing an agent

If you’re selling off your property, you do need an agent for it. But there are ways that’ll help you select the best agent out of the lot. Check out the ways to select the best agent:

  1. 1. References for agents

You can ask for references for agents from your friends and neighbors in the neighborhood. There may be people who have sold their property through an agent and so you can ask people if they know any good agent. Agents are very common to get and you won’t have to search a lot to come across an experienced agent. You can also make an attempt to call the Better Business Bureau or the Chamber of Commerce to get a list of agents in your area or town. Call at least 5 to 6 agents and interview 3 or 4 so that you can choose the best of all.

  1. 2. Interviewing the agent

When you interview the agent, make note of the things you’re going to ask the person. He’s going to make a huge impact on your life and so whatever decision you make, think well before you do it. Ask him about his background and ask him to show his documents as proof. You can also ask him about his knowledge on the neighborhood that you stay and also about the situation of the market. The agent has to be knowledgeable and strong and you have to trust him. The agent should be able to negotiate prices with sellers and buyers and also direct you toward experienced attorneys and inspectors when you want.

  1. 3. Ask for his fees

If you select the best one out of the 3 or 4 you interviewed, you can ask for his charges. You have to negotiate his fees for he’ll be asking for more than you can pay. They usually take 3% of the house you’re going to sell or buy. So, negotiate with them accordingly and also make sure that you write everything down so that you don’t have any problem when you’re closing the deal. The written contract must be with your agent and with you and also make copies of the documents for your own security.

When you’re selecting an agent before buying a house, you must ask them to show certain samples of the homes in the neighborhood you’re going to buy. That way you’ll know the type of work they do and whether they’re good in it. The agent must also be able to give you information about the houses you need to buy or about the buyers who’ll be buying your house.

The following has been a guest post from Marlon Powell.

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