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New Software for Real Estate Development Shows the Way of the Future

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The following is a guest post describing the advantages of new real estate software


It may have taken a while for the real estate industry to get its own software and apps, but the wait has been worth it. New real estate development software is really something special. The lengthy, complex processes of dealing with the business end of real estate in its many forms have finally been digitized and turned into real business systems. Complexity, by definition, is a problem for businesses. Getting from A to B in any administrative or financial process always feels like it takes years, and the trouble for developers and property investorsis that sometimes it can literally take years of man hours.

If you’re a big organization, the last thing you need is more bureaucracy and multiple systems complicating your management of your business. You don’t need multiple reporting systems, to start with, and nor do you need bizarre, costly administrative structures like those a major development can create.

The new software drastically improves business efficiency at the coal face and at the management end, simultaneously. The new software packages are able to streamline processes and create good working systems which are easily manageable at first hand, not at a distance.

This is a short list of the new software types:

  • Property valuation software

  • Real estate investment software

  • Property investment software

  • Commercial real estate software

  • Development feasibility software

  • Development management software

  • Corporate consolidation software

  • Management and feasibility software for hotels

If your instant reaction to this list was “scalable”, you’re quite right. This is true business software, and it’s customizable for specific businesses. If you’ve seen the brilliant project management software and the very high quality top of the range construction industry project software, this software is up to that standard.

The new approach- Efficient, effective and made to do the job well

The software comes with training, help desk and technical backups, too. It’s true “pedigree” software, with generational support. Add to this the business quality management systems, and you’re looking at excellent, very high value software. This is what the real estate industry has needed for years, a reliable, industry-specific suite of software adapted to its needs.

There are some added benefits. The software creates working methodologies which are effectively built-in best practice. This is a major asset in itself. Like all good management software systems, this software creates a strong single stream management process. Reporting, financials, data and information are all literally on the same page. No more jungles of development data to be laboriously assembled or found, it’s all there where you can get at it. That fact alone saves hours of management time, and it’s a great way of pinning down hard facts in an easily manageable form.

The software also manages the hard-slog work of putting together specific information for development projects. If you’re doing a big commercial accommodation project, the software works very well with the working construction data. You’ve got a clear hierarchy of data on tap, whenever you need it, ready to be turned into a report, used as part of a development application or whatever else you need.

 For data management and functional operational purposes, the new generation of real estate software is the equivalent of the invention of the wheel. Check out what’s available, and you’ll find everything you need.

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