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Need a home inspection in Houston?I am a home inspector who serves the greater area around our city. Have a question about your home? I am happy to answer. Use the form on the questions page above to send it.


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Sometimes home inspectors have to perform home inspections in unusual situations; however, I am here to help you with your needs. I have carried out research to help you understand Houston home inspection services, with advice to help you compare inspectors. You may want to know a Houston home inspection cost, to give you a general idea about prices.

Are you looking for a foreclosure? I have put together a resource page dealing with foreclosures . The page is filled with advice based upon issues that I have encountered in my home inspection business, where I have helped many investors.

What does a home inspection report look like?

I am always trying to improve presentation of information in my reports. Currently, I have adapted a new technique not reflected in these samples, providing the information in list form. I am also looking into ways to give you the basic information quickly, while including a method for you to explore a finding deeper. Also, please be aware that a change to the report format required by the state may be coming soon.

Here is a New Construction Sample Home Inspection Report You can also use this report as an example of a home warranty inspection report. Many issues found are similar.

Here is a Foreclosure Home Inspection Report This is actually a report for a short sale, yet the findings are typical of a foreclosure.
This is a Townhome Sample Home Inspection Report
This is a Condominium Sample Home Inspection Report You should note that this is a ground floor condo. I have inspected condos in highrise towers to condos with attics, so the report can come out looking differently from this one. I have even found town homes listed as condos, since that is how the complex will refer to them.

Are you a real estate investor? Here is a resource page for real estate investors. This site contains a rich collection of writings to help you do things right.

Maybe you are looking into landscaping or cooking?
Here is a blog on that topic from a home inspector’s perspective of  Houston Gardening. It is great to go out and explore the world, but having the home that you love is the most wonderful place to be. Expand your home with the garden and entertaining.

While doing home security inspections, you may want to contact home security system companies to conduct it. They have more of an expert eye and some homeowners do not know all of the tricks of the trade.

About this Home Inspector’s Site

Home Inspection BloggingI began this blog because I wanted to explore ways to improve my home, and then share that information with my clients. I am always looking for ways to improve their home inspection experience. I also have been interested in green homes in Houston, and how homeowners could add green building features over time, so you will find posts on that topic as well.

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