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Online Reputation – Why it’s So Important for Real Estate Agents

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Guest post: Why is a good online reputation so important for real estate agents? Read on to find out!

Real estate agents know that a solid reputation is worth its weight in gold. While a good local reputation gained through word of mouth is sufficient for some agents, the best way to extend your reach, and your earnings, is to increase your online reputation. Furthermore, by moving some of your operations online you will notice a whole host of other benefits, including increased flexibility, more buyers of investment property and lower costs.

Here are some reasons why a good online reputation is very important for real estate agents:

  • It’s Permanent

One of the benefits of having a good online reputation is that it hangs around for a very long time. Unlike print advertisements or billboards, advertisements posted online are floating out there on the internet for many years to come, some might say indefinitely.

If you write something negative about another agent or a client posts a negative review of you, those words will be right there for the entire world to see. A disagreement between you and a client that appears online can mark you for years. Be mindful of this when you conduct business, especially if you have a strong online presence.

  • Reach

Utilising online resources enables you to greatly extend your reach. While your own personal website is an effective online marketing tool, there are many other ways of promoting your services like having a profile on Rate that agent (www.ratethatagent.com.au). Other avenues can involve social media, mobile apps and paid advertising space on popular websites. All of these strategies help you reach out to a greater target market and demonstrate a sound knowledge of property investment.

  • Reviews

Allowing clients to rate and review your performance online with a website can sound risky. What’s stopping them from bashing the services you provided? However, more often than not, reviews written online are generally fair and reflect the service received.

Not only is this an incentive for you to go above and beyond for current clients, but having a portfolio of fantastic 3rd party ratings and reviews is extremely important for bringing in new clients. If a potential client is on the fence, highlighting your impressive work history could be the tipping point that brings them into your camp.

  • Feedback

Receiving feedback online enables you to make improvements to the quality of your services in real time. This in turn will improve your online reputation. Sharing data online is also lot more efficient than physically meeting or having to mail documents to a client.

  • Lower Costs

Having and maintaining a good online reputation is generally more affordable than spending money on print and physical media marketing campaigns. Creating profiles on various sites or forums will give you some instant exposure.  A good real estate agent puts every dollar to good use.

  • Digital Office

Operating online also enables you to have a more flexible work schedule. Why rent out an office when you can run your business from home? So many real estate agents are saving thousands of dollars by doing just that.

A good online reputation is such a valuable tool in a real estate agents toolbox. So follow our six tips and start building your online reputation today!

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