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I am moving part of one category of posts to a new site.

I have received more emails when it comes to posts in the Art of Business category. I have detailed my experiences with creating this site. My efforts here led me to become familiar with html, javascript, css, and php. This interest has led me to see if I could create themes for WordPress. This is interest has grown, and I did not want this site to loose its focus from the home inspection business. To achieve this goal of keeping the writing focused, while exploring my passions, I decided to turn my original website over to posts concerning my website experiments.

The focus will be on creating a website for a small business. If you are reading this blog, you may also use the internet to discover local businesses. Search may have replaced your phone book, so most firms require some type of internet presence. I have a tendency to trust a company that has a site which I can read. I have seen some companies that only advertise on sites, but no other representation on the net. My hope is that these posts will show small businesses that setting up a basic site is not so complicated.

If you have been a reader of those posts, you will find a few posts detailing the beginning of creating a site at http://fschulte-ladbeck.com. As the site grows, I will go into more details about tweaking your website, and I will include a free WordPress theme each week. These will be simple themes. If you are here solely about posts for your home, those will continue to remain here. Enjoy.

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