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Houston Home Inspection Cost

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Would customers benefit from a comparison of a Houston home inspection cost? Each business does competitor research, but this is usually for internal use to revise business plans, revenue options, and budgets, so I thought that I would share my research.

Over the years, I have been involved with competitor analysis. Sometimes you might think this would be fairly obvious. Why would certain companies need to do competitor analysis. For example, why would one movie theater need to know the ticket price of another when most prices are so similar, and other factors, like location, may determine where you go? However, even movie theaters conduct competitor analysis on an ongoing basis. I keep track of my competitors, and once a year, I perform a more in depth analysis to create my plans. One aspect of this analysis is “what is a Houston home inspection cost?”
Houston home inspection cost
What are Houston home inspectors charging? My methodology was to look at the average square footage of homes that I inspected last year first. Home inspectors base their quotes on the square footage most often. I rounded this number to the closest one hundred. This gave me 2100 square feet. Since home inspectors will have different base prices, I looked at what would an inspector charge for a 2100 sq ft home. Prices were quite varied. I found the highest price at $500. The lowest price that I found this year was $250.I had someone report a $600 cost, but I have not verified that amount. If you were to randomly call a Houston home inspector, the price you are most likely to obtain is somewhere around $310 for my average home.
In previous years, I had found prices as low as $200. I did not find a home inspector offering that low price. I believe that they are still out there, but they may be harder to find. My services cost $250 for this square footage used in the study, and I have decided not to raise my price. Each inspector has to look at their own operating expenses and desired profit along with revenue trend to determine what they charge. Another factor for me is to examine my quote to conversion ratio along with comments made by potential clients. Although, as the year progresses, I may revisit this cost, I am finding this is the best price point for me.
Does a lower cost mean a cheap service? You may hear “do not use a cheap home inspector because you will be getting poor service”. I am not sure about that fact. In my next post based on my competitor research, I want to go into what that service entails. I was surprised  by some facts. What you may find is that some lower price services are not poor in quality. There are too many factors as to why an inspector will set a price, but it may be true to state that an inspector who has been in the industry longer can command the higher price. Does an older company history mean better service? Although I know some who will make that argument, I cannot support it. Customer expectations evolve, and not all companies evolve with them. Remember Google was not the first search engine, but for most users, Google has become the main search engine to use. In the future, another search engine meeting consumer desires may be the prominent firm.
I hope that there are other reasons to decide upon which home inspector to use besides cost. The purpose of this post is to give you an idea of what to expect when doing your own research.

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