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Home Inspection as a Career in This Downturn

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In the past few days, I have heard from friends around the country who work in some field related to the real estate industry that they may be laid off or that they are going through financially tough times. Some home inspectors that I know around Texas have been talking about the fact that none of us would consider telling someone starting out in the home inspection business that this is the career with potential to make a decent living. Most inspectors have been looking into other ways of increasing their income.

I write this post because in the past week I have been seeing articles in newspapers or websites that suggest this career can make you a great deal of money, and it is easy to get started. Depending on the state, this may be true, but still it does have its costs. The other thing is that these articles posited the idea that once your business is going, money will start coming in. Think about it. You are starting a business so you need to start marketing to let people know that you are available. You need to find ways to differentiate yourself from established inspectors. All of this is a job unto itself, and you have to pay for this effort. In this economic climate, many consumers are foregoing home inspections, because they do not want to spend the money, so the pool of possible jobs is shrinking faster than home sales.

Do not get me wrong, I love this business. To me it is truly fascinating, and I believe that I am helping people, and that makes me feel good. If you love the job, then it is always a good time to enter into the profession. I am just sad that some friends are having a tough go of it during this period.

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2 Responses to “Home Inspection as a Career in This Downturn”

  1. I must aggree. This is not an easy business to start or maintain. Marketing in terms time takes up a large part of every day, usually seven days a week. Marketinig in terms of cost can get out of hand if you don’t have good business sense. Don’t get into home inspectins for the money. Money dosen’t come easy in the best of times and lately it has been even more difficult.
    would I quit? No way! I love what I do and enjoy helping people make an informed decision.

    Phil Houck
    Eastern Pennsylvania Testing & Inspection Services, LLC

  2. I am with you Phil. I hope things are going well for you in Pennsylvania. Any real estate job at a time like this needs to be done because you love it, but I have to say, if you can make it during these trying times, you will be a stronger professional.

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