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A Unique Blog: Firefox told me so with its related links

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Do you use Firefox as your browser? There is an option to see related links to the site that you are viewing. It is a great little tool to explore a general topic from different perspectives. If you are interested in financial sites, you can find others which may be similar to the one that you are reading. Personally, I was looking at other networking sites for real estate professionals, because I was curious to see how this is being handled on the web.

I do not know what possessed me, but I decided to look at what the related links to my site would be. I had been analyzing some aspects to my site, and I was looking at my favorite blogs to find how they may have handled my concerns, so I was in an analytical mind set any way. With the expectation of finding new sites similar to my own, I clicked on the related links to find….nothing. Maybe the site had not fully loaded, so I tried again. Still nothing. Alright, I know that there are home inspectors writing blogs out there, and if a visitor ends up here, they may be interested in other home inspection blogs. Thinking of my civic duty, I am creating my own related links for this blog. Please enjoy these sites. Some of the writers on this list are friends, others I have read on occasion, but I think all would be useful to you.

Kevin Corsa: http://activerain.com/blogs/akronhomeinspector

Dale Baker:http://activerain.com/bakerhome

Michael Thornton: http://blogs.chiblogs.com/

Carl Winters: http://www.webspawner.com/users/realestateinspector/

Charles Buell: http://www.buellinspections.com/

SteveBellingham: http://www.kingofthehouse.com/

I hope you enjoy this bit of link love.

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