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Exit Interviews: how do you determine how the job went?

Improving customer service through the use of exit interviews.

A Website for Houston Foodaholics

A site that provides reviews of local eateries.

Would you install a powerplant in your home?

CHP systems may become more common in the future; currently only high end homes would have their own power plant.

How to Evaluate a Room

Evaluating a room without a home inspector’s tool kit.

Steps to Inspecting an Air Conditioning System

A simplified way to inspect your air conditioning system without a home inspector’s tool kit.

Walking around and Inspecting the Exterior

How to inspect the exterior of the home without a home inspector’s tool kit.

How to Inspect the Electrical System

Steps to evaluate an electrical system without a home inspector’s toolkit.

How to Inspect a Foundation

Tackling a difficult task, finding a way to inspect a foundation.

How to Inspect a Bathrooms

Inspecting a bathroom without a home inspector’s tool kit.

A Pre-Closing Checklist for the Buyer

A list to help you prepare for closing on your home.

What does a home inspector do?

A description of what to expect from a home inspector.

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