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This Week In Houston Real Estate: 10/16/08

Houston Real Estate Market Analysis from different Realtors in the area.

Should You Turn the Utilities Back on in a Winterized Home?

Real estate investors and homeowners should be forewarned that water damage can occur when turning on this utility. There is a possibility of damage from other utilities too.

The Full Service One Stop Houston Real Estate Shop

Houston real estate is changing with home inspections being offered as part of the service when buying or selling a home. This may mean cost savings for clients

This Week in Houston Real Estate: 10/09/08

A guide to some blog posts about the real estate market in Houston.

Thoughts after the Hurricane

Lessons learned after a hurricane or just some random thoughts from a home inspector.

Update On My Efforts for This Site

Documenting my efforts of creating and marketing a real estate destination site for Houston to benefit my home inspection business.

Continuing to help our city recover from Hurricane Ike

The City of Houston’s website has updated its information on the recovery efforts status after Ike. You can find the links here.

The State of Our Trees After Ike

Driving around Houston after Hurricane Ike, shows an immediate need for some homeowners to take action and prune their trees to have them cleared.

Real Estate News For Those About to Sell/Buy A Home or About Your Appraisal

News for people dealing with a home sale in the Houston area after Hurricane Ike. Also some other news about building inspections in storm effected areas.

Hurricane Ike Home Repairs: Tarping Your Roof

Fully covering your damaged roof with a tarp, because it sustained hurricane damage, is not always a wise idea. Here are some facts to consider when taking on this task.

Your Home and Its Repairs After Hurricane Ike

Time to clean up and start repairing your home after Hurricane Ike. Here is some information to help you start.

Thanks to Hurricane Ike

Hurricanes can effect businesses

Can A Home Inspector Be Wrong? : Evaluating an Inspection Report

Most home inspectors work hard to do a good job, but every so often there is a home inspection which can make us look bad.

Creating Your Own Real Estate Search Engine with the Help of Zillow

RE professionals should consider creating their own alternative search engine to be ahead of the curve, and to create a community hub on the net for their own area.

Real Estate Around A Mall: A Trip to Memorial City Mall

Taking the kids to Memorial City Mall turned out to be fun, and it made me consider the real estate situation near the mall. Maybe not such a bad place to live if you are working in the Energy Corridor of Houston.

An Open Letter to the Houston Association of Realtors

Some thoughts on improving the Houston Association of Realtors’ website (HAR.com)to better serve the community (real estate professionals and consumers).

Getting Rid of the TRCC

Instead of discontinue the TRCC, maybe we should look into how we can improve its performance. Having public members who have more of a concern for the consumer may be a better option.

Bbpress: a forum for the rest of us

Adding a forum helps create a new dimension to my blog site, and I found that bbpress offers the best solution for the average user.

Will Your Title Company Be There Tomorrow?

Title companies are either pulling out of the Houston market, or they are becoming insolvent. This is leading to concerns in the housing sector as buyers are worried about where their home closing may take place.

Historic Houston’s Salvage Warehouse

Salvage yards are a great place to make your own find to have a special piece in your home. Houston’s Historic Salvage Warehouse can provide you with some interesting finds.

Houston Home Inspection 77074: Looking at Geotargeting and Blog Statistics

A home inspector looks at geotargeting a specific zip code, basing this tactic on his discoveries when examining statisitcs from his blog site to his static site.

Does Yahoo’s BOSS present a Challenge to Real Estate Sites?

Search is the medium we use for interacting with the web, and more sites are offeing search specific to one topic. Could Yahoo’s BOSS help a new search site take on established sites?

Finding New Ways to Examine a Foundation

Considering a study from an engineering firm about the average measurement that a foundation is out of level, a home inspector looks at a way to use a laser level to see if there may be a problem.

As Real Estate Investors Balk at being Inspected, the Media Provides Stories of Why They Should Be

More communities are looking to protect tenants by requiring home inspectors to investigate rental properties. News stories such as one from Houston will only encourage this trend. Real estate investors should take steps now to protect their buildings.

Concentrating on the Dirt for Healthy Plants

Focusing just on plants does not create a healthy garden. By looking into ways of maintaining your soil, you can have a more vibrant garden.

Flood Plain Maps in Houston and Beyond

Home inspectors are frequently asked about flood plains. This is not part of an inspection, but here is the way we find out about flood plains in your area.

Our Evolving Commute: The resurgence of trains in Texas

Houston is a city designed for the car, but rising fuel costs are encouraging the city to look at mass transit solutions.

The First Step to SEO for Your Site

A post describing my first steps in my SEO effort for this site. By using Google Alerts and Technorati, as well as media blogs, I can connect with visitors.

A Downward Spiral For the Housing Market?

Bad housing news feeds upon itself, which causes more bad news.

Houston’s Infrastructure and the Home that You Buy

How can you get around Houston? It will effect the home that you buy.

Filtering the Air in Your Home

Discussing air filter in your home and their maintenance. How often they should be cleaned or changed out.

A Growing Scam on Craigslist

A look at a scam on Craigslist that can effect you when buying a home.

Is your Electrical Outlet Protected?: a look at AFCI/GFCI

An explanation of what an AFCI and a GFCI outlet is and what they do.

County Inspections: Property Code Chapter 446 The New Texas Law for Residential Inspections

Property code 446 details how the TRCC will inspect residential construction in areas without a building inspector.

The Disadvantages of Arguing with a One Year Old

Small children can present safety concerns. Here are some ideas from a home inspector on how to improve your home.

Some Facts about Home Inspection Services in Houston for 2008

An overview of what you might find when looking for a home inspector in Houston.

The Plight of the Home Garden

Thoughts on what is happening to our home designs and properties, and how that might effect our lives.

Red Snails in the Sunset: Pests around the home

Dealing with common pests around your home.

A Tail of Two Dogs

Dealing with dogs and the damage that they could cause.

THE Tool

Professionals have to consider the language they are using and if their clients understand those terms.

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