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What Could Be Happening in Houston Real Estate when We Have Banks Failing?

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Business moves on. We see more firms in the real estate industry facing difficulties, but I noticed that many other businesses are being effected by our current economic climate. I was surprised to see a number of websites up for sale, mainly because they were not making the money that the owners expected. Yet we have to find a way to continue with our daily lives.

In the midst of this, we are finding that banks are going under, and other businesses are looking to the basics. We may see some new business models come about. I have heard from more Realtors who are questioning the usefulness of their corporate offices. Why share the commission, if the firms are not helping them appears to be the feeling. On that subject, I always thought that the book Freakonomics had it right. If you have a chance you should read the authors’ blog. It opens your eyes.

Rick Aster writes an article going over Franklin Bank being acquired by Prosperity Bank (both banks from Houston) after the FDIC had to step in. The post gives an overview of the nation.

Paloma Contreras shares an article from Ken Brand about what you should expect from a Realtor helping you find your new home. It is a good guide to show you what services they should be providing.

Here is a post going over what is happening in one specific neighborhood , Glen Bay, in Clear Lake. It is interesting to see these figures. Yes all real estate is local, and you can have local real estate go down to the neighborhood level.

The Houston Downtown Alliance has released a statement that registration is open for its tour to show people what living in our downtown is like. Alright, the end of the registration is in March of next year, but since it has been released, I decided to create the link.

Enjoy the read!

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