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This Week in Houston Real Estate: 10/09/08

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Recently, I have been reading different blog carnivals on various topics, but I have focused on the topic of real estate since I participated in one. It is an interesting way to see a cross section of thoughts on the web. One issue that I see with many blogs is that their authors are not really trying to expand a conversation with a wider audience. Most seem to be promoting their business or focusing on why their services are important, which to me misses the point of a blog.

There are many good sites detailing what is happening in Houston, but I was curious about Houston real estate. I thought that there might be enough material for a blog carnival on this topic, which might be of benefit to the consumer in this area. For the past week, I diligently searched each day. Here is what I came up with; my own version of a carnival.

Some House Hunters Are Getting Cold Feet– Following the travails of one potential buyer of a home in Houston, you get a look at the situation here from Houston Texas Real Estate Daily.

Hurrican Ike Meets Bubba– part of the economic health of any city relies upon the activity in the residential and commercial real estate markets. Ike offered a chance for some intrepid entrepreneurs to come to the city to help clean up. This leads Ed Ayres to look at the commercial market.

Houston Real Estate October– On the paige-martin blog, we get an overview of the flipside to the commercial market, residential real estate. She looks at the bail out package and what is happening in general which may be of concern to the consumer.

Are granite countertops a threat? Alright, this has nothing to do with Houston real estate as such, but I have a reason for adding this report. The New York Times did a report on radon being emitted from granite counters in kitchens. After that report, KUHF interviewed a group mentioning that they were setting up testing in Houston, and that this should be considered a real threat. In the interview, they did mention that they had not found many counters to be concerned about. Now I challenge you to find a radon test kit at any hardware/home improvement store in Houston. Odds are that you will not find one. This idea has been on some consumers mind, so I thought they should read this article.

Maybe there will be enough interesting posts to continue this carnival next week. We will see.

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4 Responses to “This Week in Houston Real Estate: 10/09/08”

  1. Thank you for constantly updating your blog, with the constant fluctuations in the market it is good to have a continually updated resource I can turn to for up-do-date information.

  2. Your welcome. I hope that this information is helping people.

  3. Ed Ayres Says:

    Thank you for your review of my blog, its nice to know people enjoy the information

  4. Thank you for the creative post Ed.

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