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The Houston Real Estate Market at a Glance

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This past week found me doing more home inspections for people who are not selling or buying a home. They simply want to understand the condition of the home, or they wanted to check on repairs made by a contractor. I have had a few calls from other inspectors pretending to be potential clients to check my prices, but not many calls from real potential buyers or sellers.

This week saw some good articles being produced. I really liked the statistics that Ken Brand’s post provides, because he explains what they mean, and Paige Martin’s post hits the nail on the head when it comes to looking at why a slow down is occurring in our market. Well read through all the posts, if you want a good view of the Houston real estate market.

Jill Wente takes on the topic of finding homes on the web. Where can you go to find the most homes listed? Actually, this is a tricky question. Homes listed through a Realtor will be in the MLS, so going through a Realtor is your best bet, but as pointed out in the comments, Zillow has made great progress with its API for industry professionals and search technologies on its own site. However, you may also need to consider that not all homes sold are listed in the MLS. For sale by owner is quite strong.

Ken Brand gives a good synopsis of the real estate market in The Woodlands. The introduction is standard fare of things we have heard before, so please keep reading down to where he presents facts about the market. He offers concrete advice there for sellers.

Another post from Active Rain from another Woodlands are Realtor, Stephanie Edwards-Musa reviews the Houston Solar Tour. There is a nice slide show for you to check out what is happening with solar in this community.

Here is a post by a J. Kim going over buying or selling a home in Houston Texas. It mainly deals with the types listing contracts, and what they mean to you. A brief post, but an interesting read.

Paige Martin seems to post regularly on market in Houston, and this post takes a look at what is happening in the mortgage industry. Banks may have tightened rules too much so not many are able to obtain a home loan.

Have a good week.

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