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Historic Houston’s Salvage Warehouse

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After a home inspection today in the Upper Kirby district, I decided to check a salvage yard that I knew about, but I had never been to: Historic Houston’s Salvage Warehouse. I do not know why I would have desired to go look at pieces of disassembled homes after examining a house, but I do like seeing the details in some older pieces.

Actually salvage yards like this one have a mixture of old and new fixtures and parts; however, I like making a find. Something unique that I just will not see anywhere else. Most major cities have a shop like this; I believe the one in New Orleans is the largest of its kind. The warehouse was not as big as I was hoping that it would be, but they did have some great pieces which could be transformed into a marvelous focal point for your home. The rounded windows could be stunning. I was tempted to buy some columns for an art project that I am working on though.

You could find any piece belonging to a home, including a kitchen sink. Places like this are great for when you are restoring the historic character of a home, or if you want to incorporate an intriguing element. The fireplace mantels would be a nice touch, and they had a photograph up by them to encourage a bit of whimsy on your part; you could turn them into headers for a bed. I saw one with a faux marble finish which may be nice for that.

The warehouse is located on 1307 W. Clay, which runs parallel to West Gray. It is just north of that street close to the intersection with Mandel. If you are not in Houston, just look up salvage yards to see which ones specializes in historic home parts in your area.

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