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How Can You Celebrate Arbor Day in Houston

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Looking for a Houston Arbor Day celebration? Looking to help young adults discover their world? Then Green Bank is hosting an event for you.

When my wife and I were looking for a home, we had a particular neighborhood in mind. We were not too fussy on many details, but we fell in love with our home partially because of the street where it was located. It was the only street with a canopy of trees lining much of it length. There were (and are) other streets with trees, but not like this one. After Hurricane Ike, I began to see that we were loosing these trees. Yesterday, a neighbor hooked a chain to the tree and his truck to rip another one down. Everyone says that they will be replacing them; however, that has not been my experience so far. My children and I lay down in the grass watching a woodpecker in one of our trees, and I think about the coming Arbor Day in Houston.
    Fortunately, I know of a few people who have been planting trees. For some reason (which I expect has to do with gifts), my two youngest were insisting that we plant another Christmas tree (my daughter Katya wanted a living tree for the holiday last year). I am looking for a native tree, like a Red Bud. I was happy to hear about an Arbor Day celebration that would be benefiting a wonderful charity. The great aspect for me is that there will be native trees. Green Bank and and Green Team America have partnered up to bring trees to those Houstonians who want to bring trees back to their yards.  Here are some details:

                       This Houston Arbor Day Celebration is on February 26, 2011 from 8:00 am to 11:00 am
                        The location is at the Green Bank, located at the corner of Greenbriar and the US 59 (4000 Greenbriar)
                         For a suggested $10 donation you can choose from a variety of trees for your own new tree.

    Who does this benefit? Firstly, you gain. A well placed tree can help you reduce your air conditioning needs during our hot summer months. If you have children like me, the trees become wonderful for exploration (my two year old is exploring trees by climbing them; my four year old likes finding the wildlife that abounds around the trees; my fifteen year old is more interested in the shade). Secondly, you will be helping Green Team America. This is a Houston based not-for-profit. They unite high school environmental clubs, who are exploring sustainable ideas. Green Team America provides an infrastructure to help these students connect with others around the country and globe. I like this idea. What can be better than encouraging our youth to explore science, particularly when it comes to sustainability. Maybe they will have a green home innovation.
     An additional benefit to this event is that there will be literature on how to plant your tree, along with expert advice. I notice during my home inspections that many problems with the trees is how and where we plant them. Mulch too high around the base, trees too close to the home, and trees placed in the wrong location are a few items that I see, so maybe you will want to stop by even if you do not have the space for a tree (but you may find that you do). You can see what is happening, and give a little to support Green Team America. Happy Arbor Day!

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