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A Quick Look at the Bathroom Plumbing without the Fixtures

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A few photographs at the plumbing in the bathroom when fixtures, like the toilet and sink, are not in place.

There is a foreclosure in the Texas Hill Country that I have been observing for a few years. This home was being built by an investor, who lost his funding. I noticed problems with the structure due to bad design choices, so when I am in the area, I stop to take a look. I am curious as to how things will fall apart. On my last visit, I noticed that a door was wide open, and that theft of plumbing fixtures had occurred. I wanted to see if mold damage had resulted from problems on the exterior, so I took a quick look. I took these photographs, just so you could see some of the plumbing with the fixtures gone.
hydro therapy tub plumbing
    This is where the hydro-therapy tub was located. The blue and red pipes are PEX. This is a new piping system, which is becoming more common in homes. Blue for cold, red for hot. The copper tubes attached to the PEX was probably for the faucets. You can see that the foundation has a recess to allow for the drain, which is the white pvc tube . Then there is the outlet. This will be for the motor. If you look at the outlet plate, you will notice that this is not a GFCI outlet. The hydro-therapy tub is required to be on a GFCI for safety reasons. This plug is the “slave” to another outlet, which is the GFCI “master” outlet. The master was in the closet.
toilet drain
    Do you see the silicone outline of the toilet base? If you had not known that fixtures were installed, this would be a clue that they had been taken. This is the drain with the flange. The flange holds the bolts which hold the toilet in place. This flange is where the wax ring should be placed. The wax ring prevents sewer gases from leaking out of the base of the toilet, as well as preventing the flushed water from spilling out under the toilet. To the side, we see the connection for the water supply to the toilet coming out of the wall.
    This home always reminds me of the problems with foreclosures. Homes that are not maintained become victims of theft, of destruction due to lack of maintenance, and of damage from individuals. Since these shots are of plumbing parts not ofetn seen, I thought it would be of interest.

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