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Metro Shelving For Garage Organization

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Yesterday I went out to lunch with an old friend. We had been food service managers together, so we started to reminisce about our times in that career. Later in the evening, I was taking a walk when I saw a neighbor who was pulling everything out of his garage in an attempt to “finally organize it” he told me. Due to my lunch, I knew that I had a solution for him: metro shelving.

You can find it at restaurant supply stores, but you can also find it at the Container Store. Assembly goes quickly. Clips are placed on the poles, then a shelf can be slipped over them to lock into position. The poles are marked with lines every inch, so setting clips to the correct height is easily done. Shelves come in different sizes to fit various locations, but I like the fact that wheels can be attached to the poles. This means that your shelving unit can be moved out for cleaning up. The units can also handle a good deal of weight.

I recently had to take apart some osb/plywood cabinets at my parents house. First, the nails which had been holding the cabinets to the wall did a good deal of damage to the sheetrock when I was pulling them out. The other thing I found was a lot of trash which had fallen behind the units. I use rolling shelves in my own garage, which allows for easy cleaning, but it has also permitted me to push them aside on rainy days for the kids to have a spot to play in.

The ad will show you one version, but you can check out different shelving options on the store link above. Just type in “metro shelving” into the search. Update: After writing this post, I realized that I forgot to include another option which I have seen. There is a shelving system which comes down from the rafters, so your floor space is clear. You can find it at this website: http://addmoregaragespace.com

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