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Industry News: Circuit Breaker Recall and an Extended Comment Period for Watersense

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Here is some news floating around from two government agencies that concern your home.

The first link here will take you to the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s announcement about a counterfeit Square D breaker that was sold in this country, which could lead to problems in your home. The announcement shows you how to identify the fakes, and what to do with them.

As we become more aware of making the best use of the water we have to produce food and for our homes, the public is becoming aware of water conservation measures. For energy savings, we turn to the Energy Star program, and for water the EPA has been developing a complimentary program called WaterSense. At this time, the public comment period has been extended till early September, so we have a chance to effect this program with our thoughts. Please visit the WaterSense site for more information. Becoming “green” is more than just a matter of energy conservation.

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