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Benefits of Metal Roofing

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Metal roofing has lately become a more popular option for homeowners because of the many money-saving benefits it offers as well as the aesthetic beauty it can add to a home. A metal roof generally requires a larger upfront cost than a more traditional asphalt shingle roof but it outperforms shingles by a long shot and can start saving money right away.

The benefits of metal roofing positively affect not only the homeowner and the house but also the environment. It is a made from recycled material, conserves energy, and helps reduce smog in urban areas. When considering a home improvement project, it is important to consider the advantages of a metal roof for long term benefits.

Some of the reasons metal roofing has become a more and more popular option for residential properties includes its long life expectancy, powerful home protection, and energy saving properties – not to mention that it can transform the whole appearance of a home. Let’s discuss how these points can provide benefits directly for the homeowner:

  • Long Life Expectancy – a metal roof can be expected to last a lifetime without major repairs or replacement. The lack of roof repair, avoiding damages to your home from a leaky roof, and not requiring roof replacement are great reasons for choosing a metal roof. Also be sure to research metal roof warranties before you commit to a roofing company. You want a warranty that lasts as long as the roof and is transferable if you decide to sell the home. This provides benefits while you live in your home and becomes a selling point if you decide to sell.
  • Powerful Home Protection – while not all metal roofs are built to the same standards, high quality metal roofing can provide powerful protection for your home. A quality metal roof can withstand hurricane-strength winds, rain and hail, falling and flying debris, and even fire. It is also resistant to deterioration, rust, and debris build-up, including snow. It is lightweight yet strong so it won’t put extra stress on the structure and foundation of your home.
  • Energy Savings – install a new metal roof on your home and watch your energy bills go way down. Metal roofing reflects solar energy and prevents heat from entering your home in the hot summer months while also helping to trap heat inside during the winter months. A metal roof can save homeowners over 40% on energy bills annually. Be sure to calculate these cost savings when weighing the price of a new metal roof.
  • Appearance – a variety of metal roofing colors are available to complement and enhance the overall look of your home. In fact, these colors, improved curb appeal, and the way a metal roof can transform a home are some of the top reasons homeowners choose a metal roof. Any other benefits are added perks! Take a look at the selection of metal roofing colors on this simulator image to envision how your home might look with a new metal roof.

While some of these benefits pay off over the long run, some of them provide instant gratification. And all of them translate to benefits and savings for the homeowner. It’s no wonder that metal roofing has become such a popular choice for new home construction, home improvement projects, and re-roofing jobs.

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Advanced Metal Roofing is a residential metal roofing company offering the exclusive MetalMan Roofing System with a limited Lifetime Warranty, 42% Energy Savings Pledge, and ENERGY STAR qualified metal roofing colors. Contact them for a free metal roof estimate today: 877-858-7663.

Note: this has been a guest post to share with you the facts about metal roofs.

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  1. Roof Coatings Says:

    I am very much conscious about roofing colors, thanks for writing on this, roof colors can make a roof more attractive.

  2. To often we do not consider the color of the roof in our design, but itis a way to give a home a new look.

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