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A Visual Library of Common Home Inspection Findings

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A Visual Library of Common Home Inspection Findings

When I chose this new theme for the blog, it had a button for photos. I am not big on taking photographs during my inspections for reasons of my own, but I thought that I should add a visual library to this site, because it might prove useful. It took some doing, since I am not the best at HTML code and uploading. My problem is that I create the folders here on my computer, and I forget to add some data to make it usable on the site. I hope to keep adding to this each week.

Most items are simply to show a common mistake or part so that it makes sense to the average homeowner. Another aspect of this library is to collect some design elements from different buildings. I love architecture, and I think looking at what is being built now, and older buildings of the past can inspire us to think about elements on our own home. I know that building a home too different from your neighbors can cause ire, but I like to think about how we can improve our homes design.

I am still thinking about what I could enter under the links button. My links are already easily found. There are some to the right, and there are links on the resources page. Well, we will see what develops. The library is basic right now, but it should become quite handy soon as a reference. Just click on the Photos button above.

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