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Some Facts about Home Inspection Services in Houston for 2008

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Current reports show that you might be considering buying a home, but national news reports cause you to be concerned, so you are waiting for the market to be better. You may have worries about finding a suitable mortgage, but at the Houston Housing Forum last year, leading lenders in Houston made it clear that such loans are readily available for qualified buyers. It has also been shown that you are using the internet more in your quest for a home. In part, this reliance on the internet has been to find the best value. In fact, finding the best deal has been the main goal of many buyers.

With these considerations, I noticed that there has not been much done in the way of surveys of the inspection market at this time, so I offer my humble opinion about this service for home buyers. I know that some facts are a concern for buyers, because I see the search terms that have been bringing people to my website and blog. Hopefully, I can answer some of the questions posed in these searches were, and that this will be a benefit to you.

  1. Typical fees for an inspection in Houston: after surveying my competitors, I have seen fees for a basic inspection starting at the range from $200 to $500. Why there is such disparity mainly is due to business decisions on the part of the inspection firm. Generally the price is determined by square footage, systems that are checked, and whether a full inspection can be performed (utilities have to be on for a full inspection).

  2. Is there a standard for an inspection: yes. The state of Texas requires that all inspectors meet a minimum standard of practice, as specified in the codes regulating an inspection. The state also sets forth the format of a report for an inspection. All inspectors have to be licensed by the state to perform an inspection.

  3. Do lenders require that you have to have an inspection for the loan? No. Although inspections are becoming a standard part of the home buying process, there is no requirement that an inspection should be performed. Many lenders are starting to recommend that an inspection be performed, but they will probably require an appraisal and a survey, both of which could be waved under certain circumstances.

  4. Doesn’t an appraiser and an inspector do the same thing? No. I do not know where the idea originated that appraisers and inspectors perform the same basic function arose, but this belief has become more prevalent recently. An appraiser does check the property, but in the respect of value. An inspector is more concerned with function and condition, as well as safety issues.

  5. Do inspectors check for termites? This is done by a professional pest control applicator, and it is presented in a WDI (wood destroying insects) report. Some inspectors meet the requirements to perform such an inspection, but generally this is done by two separate firms.

  6. What exactly do inspectors check? Well the list is too long for here, so I would like to direct you to my website, http://www.fschulte-ladbeck.com , for a more detailed description. Go to the Owning Your Home page where there is a section about understanding your report.

  7. What happens when a house fails an inspection? Houses neither pass or fail an inspection. All homes have concerns, and an inspector is simply pointing out those concerns to you.

  8. Can I use my report to renegotiate the price of the home? Once you are in contract talks for the purchase of a house, you can attempt to settle for a new price for any reason, but it might not be a wise idea. Go over the report with your Realtor to see if there is a real concern that needs to be addressed. This may result in a lower price or some type of other resolution, but inspection reports are not meant for lowering prices.

  9. How long does an inspection last? The length of time can really vary, but I think that you should expect a full inspection to last three to four hours.

  10. When is the inspection performed? The discovery period is after the offer has been accepted till the day of the closing, which is around ten days in most cases. All of the inspections that you want to be performed should happen before closing, and you should make sure that you will receive the report before you are sitting down to sign the papers. Ask your inspector when will he provide you with a copy of the report.

are the top ten items that come up in searches that bring people to me.
If you have other questions, you can e-mail me at frank@fschulte-ladbeck.com.

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