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Today’s News: Foreclosures Rising as Reported by RealtyTrac

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When I opened up my account on igoogle to check out different news stories, I found a few sites reporting the same bit of news about the number of foreclosures being on the increase. Generally, there are sensational titles to draw you in, while the facts may be laid bare in the article. On occasion, these reports bother me because they take one fact without providing the full picture.

RealtyTrac produces good, detailed reports, which do not rely on this sensationalism. They lay the information clearly out, so you can comprehend the situation in different parts of our nation. If you are a serious investor, you should consider joining the site. This will provide you with a wealth of information that can give you an edge when looking for homes.

If you do not wish to join the site, or if you are just curious about foreclosures in your locale, they do offer general means to obtain an overview of the foreclosure situation. There are two basic means to discover specific information. First, RealtyTrac has a great press release about foreclosures each month. In this report, you can look at the national picture, but if you click on a state, you can drill down to data about the spot that you want to study. You can find out details like how many foreclosures occur in relation to how many homes with mortgages, presented in the form 1 in 500.

Another method is to look at their states index. This will present you with a map that you can click on to go down to an area. This can give you very good overview of your state quickly. I discovered that my county has the highest number of foreclosures in Texas. I also found that Texas is in the top five states with high foreclosures. Although Nevada and California far surpass us.

If you are interested in the topic of foreclosures, I suggest that you go to the source. RealtyTrac’s site is easy to use, and it is better than the sensational reports provided by the news media.

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