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Five Things You Should Know When Starting a Real Estate Business

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Things you should know when starting a real estate business include knowing to use the right development software, doing your research before you start and writing a comprehensive business plan. The following is a guest post.


Getting started in the real estate business is exciting and challenging. There are a few things that you should know first before you take this big step. Get as much advice as you can and make sure you have the financial backing. You can also invest in real estate development software
that can help your business run smoothly.

Real estate development software

Get your business equipped will all the right equipment, such as computers, phone systems and other office equipment, and then invest in the right software that will help your business function efficiently. With real estate development software you can work out the value of property and do investment analysis. It is also easy to do spreadsheets and keep track of all your data. You can calculate property purchase and sale values and it will analyse figures for you in regards to tenants and leases for investment properties. It will also track your expenditure, which is a particularly handy tool when you are first starting out as you will need to keep to a strict budget.


Do you research beforehand and know whether there is room for your business within the local area. You don’t want to start up in an area that is already flooded with other real estate agents. There is no reason you can’t start up your business in an area where there are a few other agents, just be aware of who your competition is and budget accordingly for the right amount of advertising that is going to pull work your way.


Know what all your costs are going to be before you start your business. There will be once off costs when starting as well as ongoing expenses. If you don’t own the property where your office is you will have lease payments once a month and general monthly expenses like utility bills and the cost of running equipment and buying stationary. You will always have advertising costs as you will need to constantly advertise your business. It is likely you will have staff working for you so factor in the cost of wages.


Choose the location of your business carefully. Having your shop front on a main street is the best position for you as you will be on display to more passing traffic. You need to be central to the area that you intend on servicing because you will find that you will be travelling a lot to visit properties for valuations, auctions and when homes are open for inspection. You might want to think about a location that is close to where you live or nearby to public transport. Make sure there is adequate car parking for yourself and your staff as well as your clients. Make it easy for people to choose you in the first place.

Write a business plan

As with any business it is vital that you write a business plan before you start. If you are borrowing money from the bank to start your business it is also highly likely that they will want to see your business plan. A business plan is important to help you plan where you intend your business to be in the future and it can help you stay on track.

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