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Houston Home Inspection 77074: Looking at Geotargeting and Blog Statistics

A home inspector looks at geotargeting a specific zip code, basing this tactic on his discoveries when examining statisitcs from his blog site to his static site.

The Trend Towards Required Inspections: The Idea Behind Point of Sale Inspections

There is a growing trend to make home inspections a standard practice in the sale of a home. Some aspects of this movement may not be in the best interest of those involved in the sale.

Maybe Secretary Paulson Should Stop Speaking

Honest remarks are needed about our current economic situation with clear guidance to prevent further issues arising from the current market conditions.

Does Yahoo’s BOSS present a Challenge to Real Estate Sites?

Search is the medium we use for interacting with the web, and more sites are offeing search specific to one topic. Could Yahoo’s BOSS help a new search site take on established sites?

Finding New Ways to Examine a Foundation

Considering a study from an engineering firm about the average measurement that a foundation is out of level, a home inspector looks at a way to use a laser level to see if there may be a problem.

Can a Blog Be a Third Place? (Including Affiliate Marketing Programs to Enhance Your Blog)

Creating a useful blog for your business sometimes means going beyond the immediate boundaries of your business to create a “third place” on the internet for your market. Affiliate programs can help with this goal.

The Continuing Mortgage Crisis: Are We Fueling Our Own Downfall?

The problems at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are being causes by reactive investors, who are not looking at the details, while InndyMac’s fall is hastened by our own actions. There is a way to get by in a Bear market though.

Is Your Firm Helping You Market Your Listings?

After finding a marketing study detailing the positions for brokerages on the internt, I am thinking about if it might be better for your marketing to go through an alt search engine.

Considering a PPC campaign, Displaying Ads on Your Site, and Text Link Ads

Going through what I am doing with my blog, and why I am doing it. I look at aspects of my advertising on the internet and other basic SEO strategies.

The First Step to SEO for Your Site

A post describing my first steps in my SEO effort for this site. By using Google Alerts and Technorati, as well as media blogs, I can connect with visitors.

What Are the Steps to Winterize Your Home

A home inspector looks at how foreclosed homes are winterized, which may be useful for homeowners looking to winterize a vacation home.

Blogging for Business

A post describing whether you should be choosing a static site or blog for your business, and the image created by disabling your comments section.

Learning to Fly a Kite: Using an FTP Client to Make Your Website Do What You Want

How to use an FTP Client to upload files to your website.

THE Tool

Professionals have to consider the language they are using and if their clients understand those terms.

Foreclosure Inspections: Part 2 -finding work in the field

A follow up post detailing how to begin a search for finding work in the field of foreclosure inspections.

Foreclosure Inspectors

A description of what a foreclosure inspector is.

The Business Card’s Travels

Considering the design of a business card, and how it can be used to better your business.

A Book By Any Other Cover

You never know where business may come from, so take a deeper look at your clients.

Adventures in Finding Free Advertising on the Internet

Everyone is looking for a free ride, here is what I found.

Which Brokerage Should My Daughter Use to Sell Her House

An examination of marketing and real estate.

Exit Interviews: how do you determine how the job went?

Improving customer service through the use of exit interviews.

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