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Real Estate Around A Mall: A Trip to Memorial City Mall

Taking the kids to Memorial City Mall turned out to be fun, and it made me consider the real estate situation near the mall. Maybe not such a bad place to live if you are working in the Energy Corridor of Houston.

An Open Letter to the Houston Association of Realtors

Some thoughts on improving the Houston Association of Realtors’ website ( better serve the community (real estate professionals and consumers).

Getting Rid of the TRCC

Instead of discontinue the TRCC, maybe we should look into how we can improve its performance. Having public members who have more of a concern for the consumer may be a better option.

Will Your Title Company Be There Tomorrow?

Title companies are either pulling out of the Houston market, or they are becoming insolvent. This is leading to concerns in the housing sector as buyers are worried about where their home closing may take place.

Historic Houston’s Salvage Warehouse

Salvage yards are a great place to make your own find to have a special piece in your home. Houston’s Historic Salvage Warehouse can provide you with some interesting finds.

Is Your Firm Helping You Market Your Listings?

After finding a marketing study detailing the positions for brokerages on the internt, I am thinking about if it might be better for your marketing to go through an alt search engine.

Our Evolving Commute: The resurgence of trains in Texas

Houston is a city designed for the car, but rising fuel costs are encouraging the city to look at mass transit solutions.

A Downward Spiral For the Housing Market?

Bad housing news feeds upon itself, which causes more bad news.

Houston’s Infrastructure and the Home that You Buy

How can you get around Houston? It will effect the home that you buy.

The Grand Re-Opening of the Central Location of the Houston Public Library

A great place to take the family is Houston’s downtown public library.

A Growing Scam on Craigslist

A look at a scam on Craigslist that can effect you when buying a home.

Hands on Houston at the Center for Contemporary Craft

Hands on Houston at the Center for Contemporary Craft Houston is a great event for some family fun.

The Forgiveness Stamp

The Houston Foodbank can be a good place for the family to go together to volunteer.

A Website for Houston Foodaholics

A site that provides reviews of local eateries.

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