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The Danger of Fireplace Vents

A fireplace does not always need a chimney. You can have a vent, but there are some concerns with a vent when the fireplace is in use.

Ducts for the Mechanical Vents in Your Bathrooms and Utility Room

Controlling the amount of moisture in your home is achieved through vents in the bathrooms, utility room, and kitchen, as well as opening windows. The ducts for the mechanical vents are often not in the best of shape during home inspections, since they are easy to forget.

Flashing Over the Windows and Doors

If you have a window or door that sits flush or proud of the wall, you probably then have trim sitting on the wall. This can be a problem area for moisture.

Is It Bad to Have Insulation Against the Roof Sheathing?

We want insulation in our homes, but can insulation cause a problem? Improperly installed insulation can.

How to Keep Your Window Screens in Place for Fire Safety

Do you think about how to get out of your house in case of a fire? Windows are meant to be quick exits, but we block them with burglar bars and window screens that are attached into place.

What Are Possible Potential Leaks Around the Window?

Windows pose a problem area for homeowners. Gaps, holes, or cracks can lead to leaks as well as being spots where your energy efficiency can be lost.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

Guest post describing the benefits of metal roofing.

How to: Work on a Roof WITHOUT Damaging the Guttering

A guest post from a satellite dish installation company explaining how to go onto a roof without damaging the gutter.

How to Save Money on Home Repairs

Is your home a place where you stay or where you live? If you do see it as an investment, do you ensure that it is increasing in value? Home repairs can be costly, but they can prevent future damage, and further expenses.

How to Create More Living Space with Porches

Creating living spaces outside your doors can be a way to extend your house without building another room. Porches also happen to be traditional in Texas to deal with the heat.

How to Repair Your Plumbing Vents

Part of your plumbing system penetrates the roof. These are the vents, and they could be a source of leaks in the home.

Change the Look of Your Home with a New Facade

As Americans become stationary, is a new trend for homeowners a changing look to their home by adding a new facade?

What Concerns Should I Have When Adding Onto My Home

Home additions create extra livable space, but they could create problems.

You Don’t Know What You Got, Until You Inspect It

Do you take the time to really crawl through your home, looking for problems? I do not. However, if you had work done on your home, you may want to take the time to inspect it.

Does a Crack Mean a Foundation Problem?

Is your attic filled to the brim with all of your old stuff? Are people working up there? New equipment? After three re-inspections of homes, I was considering how what happens in the attic effects our home.

Five Steps to Lowering Your Electric Bill

As we struggle to manage our budgets, we look for ways to reduce our expenses. During the summer, the high electric bill catches our attention, so we scramble for ways to reduce that cost.

Is It too Hot to be on a Roof in Houston?

Being on your roof during our hot Houston summer may cause damage to the roof, but it may hurt you too.

Replacing a Pane of Glass on an Aluminum Window Frame

Originally from the forum: repairing a pane of glass in a window

Steps to Painting a Wall

Originally published in the forum: advice on how to paint

Upcycling in Your Home

Recycling’s trendy sibling, upcycling is becoming more popular, and it may be a way to save money in your own home.

Is Having No Attic the Most Energy Efficient Option for Your Home?

There are homes designed without attics, and there are homeowners who wish to raise their ceilings, but there are energy efficiency concerns with having no attic.

Green Homes are not Energy Efficient or Sustainable

How does your new green home stack up against an existing house? Maybe you paid more for a label.

OSB Roof Sheathing, Windstorms, and Your Roof

Windstorm certification of your roof is a big deal in coastal areas, and it can be important for your insurance.

Why is My AC Running All the Time?

Air conditioning can be problematic in a Houston summer, and units can run all day long without ever really cooling to your desired temperature.

What is A TR or a WR outlet?

Electrical safety advances by making outlets a little better. TR stands for tamper resistant, and WR stands for weather resistant.

Inspecting a Cooking Range, Oven, or Cooktop

Can I install a gas range or oven? Are there safety concerns with gas cooktops that I should be aware of? What concerns should I have when it comes to a range, oven, or cooktop?

Getting Rid of Moisture in Your Home

When you begin to seal and insulate your home, moisture can become a bigger problem. A constant supply of moisture can lead to mold, but non-constant moisture can lead to problems with wall coverings and more.

Inspecting a Gas Bathroom Heater

In newer homes in the Houston area, you will see forced hot air systems in bathrooms; however, gas bathroom heaters and electric bathroom heaters were common at one time.

New Home Warranty Inspections in Houston

Should I have a new home warranty inspection? Would there be any problems with a new home?

The Deadman’s Door

How do you get heavy equipment into a building, when you cannot get it up the stairs? A deadman’s door is the solution.

Two Actions by the Federal Government Causing Some Concern

From lead based paint to flood insurance, homeowners may not be too happy with some actions by our government.

Foam Insulation, Electrical Fires, and You

To make his home air tight, one homeowner used foam insulation from a can, but did not realize that he may have been creating a fire hazard.

How to Convert Your Toilet to a Dual Flush System

Water prices are rising; to save money while helping the environment, you may want to reduce your water usage. Dual flush toilets are a step in that direction.

If I Do these Foundation Repairs, Will I Have to Worry About the House Falling Apart in the Future?

Does repairing your house now, prevent problems from happening again? Is the contractor feeding me a line? Is that the repair I really need? All good questions, so let us consider the answers.

How Does Insulation Work

Insulation does not simply hold hot or cold air in place

Garage Door Insulation

When you have an attached garage, or you are creating a conditioned workspace in a garage, you will need to insulate the doors to improve your energy efficiency.

Why You Should not Over Insulate Your Home

I have been studying insulation lately, and how homeowners could improve their energy efficiency, but then I remembered moisture control.

How to Install Door Weather Stripping

Insulating a home involves more than the insulation in your attic. Weather stripping for your door is an important step.

How to Repair a Sliding Glass Door

Does your sliding door stick? Is it hard to operate? It may need to be cleaned, or it might need an adjustment.

Where Should the Smoke Alarms be Located

Rules about smoke alarms seem to confuse sellers, buyers, and other real estate professionals, so let us go over some basics.

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