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If I Do these Foundation Repairs, Will I Have to Worry About the House Falling Apart in the Future?

Does repairing your house now, prevent problems from happening again? Is the contractor feeding me a line? Is that the repair I really need? All good questions, so let us consider the answers.

How Does Insulation Work

Insulation does not simply hold hot or cold air in place

Garage Door Insulation

When you have an attached garage, or you are creating a conditioned workspace in a garage, you will need to insulate the doors to improve your energy efficiency.

Why You Should not Over Insulate Your Home

I have been studying insulation lately, and how homeowners could improve their energy efficiency, but then I remembered moisture control.

How to Install Door Weather Stripping

Insulating a home involves more than the insulation in your attic. Weather stripping for your door is an important step.

How to Repair a Sliding Glass Door

Does your sliding door stick? Is it hard to operate? It may need to be cleaned, or it might need an adjustment.

Where Should the Smoke Alarms be Located

Rules about smoke alarms seem to confuse sellers, buyers, and other real estate professionals, so let us go over some basics.

Wood Shingles Under My Composite Shingles

Can I put new shingles over my wood shingle roof?

Why are Flats Roofs Bad for Houston?

I may bring up the idea of green homes a bit, but really the point is to build a home suitable for the climate. In other words, we should consider smart designs, not just green designs.

Improving Doors to the Attic

Attic doors can be problematic, because they allow the temperature from the attic flow through to your conditioned space.

How to Find the Home Which Suits Your Needs

“Real luxury means living in a house which perfectly suits your habits and way of life.” by Johan van Lengen in The Barefoot Architect

Finding a Quick Visual Guide to a Better Home

Need to understand the latest in home construction techniques? Well, there is a site for you.

What Can Cause a Toilet to Overflow?

There are a few concerns that need to be checked when dealing with an overflowing toilet.

How to Improve Your Home’s Gutters

Controlling the flow of water around the home is essential in maintaining the structure of the residence.

Solar Thermal Heating in the Global Market

Looking at the trend in using solar thermal heating around the world.

Training for Solar panel installation

A program for learning how to install solar panels.

A Liquid Roof? A DIY Roof Repair

DIY roof repair with liquid rubber

Plumbing Maintenance and Rain Barrels

Home plumbing maintenance and rain barrels.

Taking the Time to Understand Your Home

A home inspection may be your best source to learn about your home’s systems

Advice on Appliance Repair

Discovered an appliance repair advice

Electricity Loving Ants

Ants found in your electrical

Hang a Picture to Heat Your Room

A link to a press release about heating a room with a digital image.

Choosing a Paint Color for Your Home

Color schemes can make your home stand apart from the neighbors, and it may be easier than you think.

How to Size Your Air Conditioning System

Save energy save money. An improperly sized AC unit can be a real energy waster, so what size should my AC be? So lets look at sizing air conditioning systems.

Problems with Tankless Water Heaters?

Tankless water heaters are seen as a green option that will save you money, but this may not be the case.

How to Maintain and Properly Use A Push Mower and Push Edger

Reducing energy around your home involves more than using energy efficient appliances.

Correcting Bad Design: Remodelling to Get the Home That You Want

The most consistent problem found during a home inspection is not one that would cause great concern for most home buyers, but it is annoying: design mistakes which look bad.

How to Take Care of Your Foundation

Should taking care of your foundation be part of your home maintenance routine? It should if you want to avoid other problems in your home.

How to Repair Your Fascia

The board along your roof line is called the fascia.As a home inspector, I find moisture damage in many homes when performing my inspections.

Finding Product Manuals Online to Help Manage Your Home

During my Houston home inspections, I find non-working equipment, mainly alarm systems. When I check, product manuals for these home accessories are missing. The internet can help.

Update to the Ebooks Page

New info on the Ebooks page that readers should know.

Current Concerns in the Home: Consumer Recalls and Improved Standards

Home inspectors concerned with home safety will now be looking at these water heaters, wall ovens, fire sprinklers, and hurricane building standards.

Home Contractors That You Can Trust

Home inspections reveal problems with work done by contractors working on your home, and you need the BBB to have the contractor’s work done right.

Book Review: Green from the Ground Up

Green from the Ground Up is a good background and overview of building green, and why this should be the way to construct your home.

Real Estate and Home Maintenance : Taking an Easier Step When Dealing With a Home Inspection

Caulking mortar joints can be an easy home maintenance task, but some care should be taken. Home inspections reveal problems here, but there are easy ways to deal with this project.

Making a House Look Good While Wasting Money: Five Common Repairs Found During Home Inspections

Home inspectors frequently see the same things over and over again. Here are five common home problems which are easily repaired.

Caulikng Exterior Wall Joints to Prevent Water From Coming into the Home

Performing a home inspection during rain is not enjoyable, but it does give you a clear picture of where water can enter your home. Improperly caulked exterior wall joints can cause problems when not fully sealed.

The Best Landscaping Around Your Home to Allow It to Breathe

Moisture problems on the home’s exterior are typically found during a home inspection, but with some easy steps can be prevented.

Metro Shelving For Garage Organization

Remembering my days in food service, I knew that metro shelving can be a good option for garage organization, particularly when it is on wheels.

Protecting Your Home With Rolling Shutters

An introduction to rolling shutters and how they can protect your home from intruders and hurricanes.

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